Applies to
Packard Bell Diamond 1200 plus USB flatbed scanner

Windows XP

Packard Bell


705.93 KB

Driver Date & Version
16-02-2004 (ver. 1.1)


A lot of people think that Diamond 1200plus USB Scanner is a product from HP but in fact it is produced by Packard Bell.

This Windows XP driver for Diamond 1200plus USB Scanner will provide basic functionality for the scanner under Windows XP. Basic meaning it will not install any additional software like the CD that should normally accompany the scanner.

However, installing these drivers will allow you to use the scanner directly from Windows XP or any other graphic software you may have already. Any applications that support TWAIN specification should be working fine with this driver.

Windows XP Driver Installation

  1. Make sure your Diamond 1200plus USB Scanner is disconnected from your PC.
  2. Download the driver file PBscan1200plus.exe and doubleclick the file to start install the drivers on your Windows XP system.
  3. Once the setup has finished, the scanner can be connected and Windows XP will detect the scanner and install the correct drivers automatically.

If your PC is using SiS chipset and you are having instability issues while using your scanner, please refer here for the solution.

Download Hewlett Packard HP Diamond 1200plus USB Scanner WinXP Driver here.

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