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GO Video DV2130 DVD+VCR Player

PDF Reader

GO Video


3.82 MB

Driver Date & Version
4/3/2003 (ver. 1.0)


Manual in PDF format for Go Video DV2130 DVD+VCR player. This 66-pages manual is comprehensive with detailed operating instructions and illustrations. The remote controller is a bit complicated so you may want to check out page 11: Remote Control for more information.

DVD+VCR Features

  1. Playback of DVDs, audio CDs, MP3 discs and VHS Tapes.
  2. Ability to watch a DVD movie while recording a TV show to the VCR.
  3. Auto Setup to instantly set the time and search for channels.
  4. RF inputs and outputs for connecting older TVs.
  5. Composite, S-Video, and Component Video outputs.
  6. Universal remote for DVD, VCR and TV control.
  7. On-Screen Programming in three languages (English/French/Spanish).

DVD Features

  1. 10-bit video digital to analog converter and 27MHz advanced digital filter.
  2. Playback of 96KHz/24-bit sources.
  3. DTS digital output for DTS-enhanced DVDs.
  4. MP3-CD playback.

VCR Features

  1. Hi-Fi Stereo VCR.
  2. Superior slow motion and stop action (with 4 heads).
  3. Playback of S-VHS tapes with better than standard resolution.
  4. Intro Scan, Zero Return, and Blank Search.
  5. 7-event/1 month timer recording.
  6. Time remaining counter, real time counter.

Download Go Video DV2130 User Manual here.

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