Applies to
Genius Look 313 Webcam/Speaker/USB Hub/Microphone Slot/Headset Slot

Windows Vista

Genius USA

Look 313 Media_v5.18_Vista.rar

6.99 MB

Driver Date & Version
09/02/2007 (Ver. 5.18)


Looking for Windows Vista driver for your Genius Look 313 Media? Well, the Vista driver is outnow and can be downloaded at Genius USA website.

Genius Look 313 Media is such an innovative addition to your PC or notebook in sense that it is combination of Webcam, USB hub, Speaker, Microphone slot as well as Headset slot. How many time do you see such many uses in a small package like Genius Look 313 Media.

As always, make a system backup or restore point prior to install the Windows Vista driver for your Genius Look 313 Media. By doing a backup, in case of any failure or problem after installing the new Vista driver, you can always fall back to the old stable windows state. Better be safe than sorry.

Download Genius Look 313 Media Windows Vista Driver here.

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