Applies to
GE Wired Optical Mouse SKU: 97986

Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.



1.06 MB

Driver Date & Version
15 Jan 2002 (ver. 1.0)


GE Optical Mouse 97986 has 3 programmable buttons, quiet scroll wheel for smooth scrolling and zooming, advanced high speed optical technology. Especially the ergonomic design for both hands conforms to the shape of your hand for optimal support and comfort.

Some users are having driver problem using existing Windows mouse driver with their new GE optical mouse 97986. Thus is you are one of them having problem, you can try download and install this specific driver for your GE 97986 optical mouse.

Please be noted that Windows Vista is not listed as a supported OS in the driver readme file. So if you are installing in Windows Vista, you may or may not facing unexpected problems.

To install the GE 97986 optical mouse driver, you must:

  1. Uninstall any previous installed mouse driver, if any.
  2. Download 97986 driver zip file.
  3. Extract to a temporary folder.
  4. Run setup.exe and follow instructions.
  5. Restart your PC.

Symptom and Solutions

Symptom Solution
No mouse movement. - Make sure the software that you are using supports a mouse.
- Check that mouse is plugged into serial port at the back of
- Ensure that mouse driver is installed into system.
The cursor on the screen remains at one spot or moves erratically. Check the mouse cable for any breaks or sharp twists. Examine the cable closely where it connects to the mouse.
The cursor movement stops at a corner and no longer responds to
the mouse movement.
Run the mouse driver to check which mode the mouse is operating in
Mouse movement does not produce corresponding cursor movement or
there is a brief pause during movement.
Clean the silicon rubber-coated ball and rollers.
After had selected mouse type for Windows 95 ,the mouse would be
disable when you clicked OK .
Using keyboard to close the current window and wait for Windows 95 to give any instruction to restart your computer.
After restart Windows 95 the mouse will work normally.
Displayed error number -115 on screen when install mouse driver
The error usually occurs because a virus-checking program is being used on the System to prevent files from being renamed. Please shutdown any virus checking software running on the system and
then run the setup again.
Detection Problems with PS/2 Pointing Devices If your mouse is connected to the mouse port and is not detected by the system, attempt the following step(s):

1) Your mouse port might need to be enabled through the SETUP menu of your computer. Please check your computer documentation
regarding the SETUP menu.

2) If you have a mouse with both serial and mouse port adaptors,
connect the mouse to the computer through the serial port. Reboot and check if the mouse is detected properly.

3) If adaptor(s) were not included in your package, your mouse
was designed to work on only one type of port (Serial OR PS/2).
Refer to your package for the type of port your mouse supports.

If the problem persists, please check for a possible computer BIOS ROM upgrade from your computer manufacturer.

Some notebook systems, such as IBM Thinkpad, have both an external
Mouse Port and an integrated Pointing Stick, which is connected to
the Mouse Port. If your mouse is having difficulty running on the
Mouse Port of this type of system, try using the serial port
Conflicts with other Serial Devices Some softwares provided by other manufacturers with mouse
functions, such as Logitech MouseWare, which may conflict with
this mouse. Recommended strongly to remove the software installed
previously before install this mouse software.
Problems Operating the Wheel If your mouse is equipped with a wheel and the wheel does not
scroll, verify the following:

1) Verify that the Browser Mouse or Mouse Control Panel
application is installed properly. If you do not find the
Browser Mouse or Mouse Control Panel icon in the system
tray, you need to reinstall mouse software.

2) Some other applications with mouse scrolling function may
conflict with this mouse function. Remove these applications
before install this mouse software.

Download GE Optical Mouse 97986 Driver here.

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