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GE InstaJack Wireless Phone Jack System 86597





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n/a (n/a)


GE InstaJack Wireless Phone Jack System 86597 is such an amazing product which allow us to turn any AC outlet into a phone jack. Thus you will not have to install extra phone cables and you can just make sure the existing AC outlet to plug in your phone.

With such a simple product, there are little or no setup required to setup and use the InstaJack system. However, for those who are not familiar with this system, here is a little guide/step by step I managed to find on the Internet.

  1. Plug base unit (two RJ-11 connectors) into an electrical outlet; next, connect base unit to DSL filter using six-foot phone cord (included); then connect phone to base unit.
  2. Plug extension unit (one RJ-11 connector) into any desired electrical outlet where needed.
  3. Press recessed button on base unit for less than one second; LED on base unit will illuminate for five minutes.
  4. Repeat process for extension unit; LED on extension unit will blink once.
  5. Here is the important step: Verify extension unit has dial tone using handset telephone.
  6. Connect extension unit to set-top box using telephone cord.

If you setup the InstaJack system properly it will still transmit your phone signal now.

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