Applies to
LG GCC-4480B Combo Drives

LG GCC-4480B Combo Drive, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98

LG Electronics.


610 KB

Driver Date & Version
05/14/2003 (1.02)


When LG GCC-4480B Combo Drive is being introduce in the market in year 2003, there is not special driver provided. LG drives use the native software drivers in Windows, there are no special drivers to have to purchase, search for or install. Since GCC-4480B Combo Drive introduction, it has also been named as a PC World Best Buy in the June 2003 PC World Magazine.

However, firmware driver is available for download once in LG website. However, as this combo drive has been discontinued, hence it no longer available for download from LG website. This given download page is from CNET Australia website.

Download GCC-4480B Drivers here.

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