Applies to
NVidia Geforce FX5200 Graphic Cards

Windows Vista



32.8 MB

Driver Date & Version
October 17, 2006 (Ver. 96.85)


Looking for FX 5200 Vista driver? Well, some good news and some bad news.

Good News:

  • There is Vista driver for FX 5200. The latest version is ForceWare Release 95, version 96.85 released at October 17, 2006.

Bad News:

  • The above ForceWare Release 95, version 96.85 released at October 17, 2006 was the last version supporting FX5200 so far that was released by NVidia. All later Forceware do not provides Vista supports.
  • Version 96.85 driver has a lot of problems, limitations and issues.Many of them have been resolved in the latest driver but the latest driver does not support the GeForce FX series.
  • Here are the list of driver limitation and issues (from Wikipedia)
      Driver limitations:
    • Playback of protected content through the Windows Vista PVP-OPM (Protected Video Path - Output Protection Management) is not fully supported.That includes: o Microsoft Digital Rights Management (DRM) restricted content o Blu-ray discs and HD DVDs on players using PVP-OPM.
    • The nVIDIA Control Panel does not offer full antialiasing support for DirectX applications.
    • The nVIDIA Control Panel does not include display rotation controls.
    • The ability to display one desktop across two monitors is not supported.
      Driver open issues:
    • Screen turns blank after enabling rotation in Dualview mode.
    • Resuming from suspend or standby mode while in rotation mode results in a corrupt Windows login screen or a blank screen with only the mouse cursor visible.
    • The nVIDIA Control Panel antialiasing does not work.
    • The nVIDIA Control Panel stops responding after selecting Dualview mode.
    • Desktop corruption occasionally occurs after switching to Clone or Dualview mode.

Download FX 5200 Vista Driver here.

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