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FinePixViewer Ver.5.4 Updater for Windows

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56.90 MB

Driver Date & Version
n/a (ver. 5.4)

This updater can be used for Windows Vista/Vista SP1/XP SP3/XP SP2/2000 SP4/98SE users to update FinePixViewer Ver.1.0 - 5.4.10 into FinePixViewer Ver. 5.4.11.

One catch is that you need to have already installed the FinePixViewer software prior to installing this updater.

FujiFilm advised you to install the FinePixViewer from your belonging CD-ROM into your Windows computer if it is not installed. However the software download page does not include a working FinePixViewer software for download. Part of the reason is because this updater can be used only by the user who has already purchased FinePix series digital cameras.

Fuji FinePix Viewer Updater

One thought on “Fuji FinePix Viewer Updater

  • James

    I need update to use finepix viewer on Vista


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