Applies to
Farallon NetLINE Part Number (pn) 993 NetLINE 10/100 PCI Card

Windows 95, NT, 98, 98 SE 98 ME, 2000, XP



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Driver Date & Version
Aug. 10, 2001 (ver. 2.1)


Farallon 993 is in fact a rebrand Realtek 8139 network chip which is using rtl8139.sys version 5.376.523.2000.

The Windows XP driver for the 796, 993 comes pre-installed on Windows XP (993 is as installed as a [Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Ethernet NIC].

That means in Windows XP, you do not need to download this driver because Windows XP already has it built in.

Installation For Windows 98 and Windows 2000

  1. Download and extract to a temporary folder e.g. c:/993/
  2. Install the Farallon NetLINE 993 card. After the card is installed, restart the computer.
  3. Windows Plug and Play will locate the PCI card and open the [New Hardware Wizard].
  4. The wizard will first recognize the card as an Ethernet PCI Controller, then switch the name to Realtek 8139 PCI Card.
  5. You will be asked to install a driver. Select the Next button.
  6. Two driver options are presented:
    1. Automatic search for a better driver better (recommended).
    2. Specify the location of the driver (Advanced).
  7. Browse to c:/993/ and select NETRTS5.INF
  8. Windows will read the NETRTS5.inf file. The file will tell Windows the adapter name, which is NetLINE 10/100. The .inf file also provides Windows with the location and path to the driver file, rtl8139.sys.
  9. Windows must install .dlls files from the Windows 98 CD. These .dlls are part of TCP/IP protocol functionality.
  10. You will be prompted for the Windows 98 CD or .cab files if they are not already on the hard drive. Set the cursor to the proper location for the Windows 98 CD or the Windows .cab files.
  11. The last screen tells you Windows has finished installing the software. Click the Finish button and restart the computer.

Download Farallon NetLINE 10/100 PCI PN993 Driver here.

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