Applies to
EZonics EZCam USB II UVT8532

Windows 98, 98se, ME, Windows 2000 and XP



4.0 MB

Driver Date & Version
08/07/2002 (ver.


How to identify your EZonics EZ USB camera? If the word UVT8532 is located at the bottom of camera after pulling off the base and model is P10UC, then your camera is EZ 305 UVT8532.

This page is about Windows 2000 and Windows XP driver installation. Please see this page for Windows ME and Windows 98 driver installation. For Windows 95 there is no driver supportes.

Windows 2000/XP Driver Installation

  • Unplug your EZ 305 UVT8532 camera.
  • Download the driver file EzUVTXP.exe to the desktop.
  • Double click on the EzUVTXP.exe file, then click on the unzip button. It will create a new folder on the desktop called EzUVTXP. (The desktop location is C:/documents and settings/all users/desktop/drvuvtb02)
  • Double click on the folder EzUVTXP and double click on the setup folder.
  • Double click on the Setup icon (blue screen computer) and follow the on-screen instructions to install the drivers.
  • Once it has finished installing, restart the computer and when Windows fully loads, plug in the camera.
  • The camera should now install the drivers automatically, however if it pops up with add new hardware wizard, please continue to next section.

    Installation Via Add New Hardware Wizard

    1. Click Start - Control Panel.
    2. Double click System, Hardware then Device Manager.
    3. Look in the list for Imaging Device or Other Devices and double click on it. Double click on the USB or Unknown Device.
    4. Locate the Reinstall driver button and click on it.
    5. Click next once and select to install from a specific location. Then click on the browse button.
    6. Locate the drvuvtb02 folder on the desktop and doubleclick on it. Double click on the Setup folder, then APP & Driver, then 2k XP and click ok.

      The path for the desktop is located under C:/documents and settings/all users/desktop.

    7. Click next. A window may appear stating that the camera is incompatible with Windows XP, click [Continue Anyways] to bypass this screen.
    8. If it prompts for your Windows XP cd, click browse go back to the drvuvtb02/setup/app&driver/2kxp folder and click ok. If version conflict appears, click no to all files.
    9. The EZ 305 UVT8532 camera should now be operational.
  • Download EZ 305 UVT8532 Driver here.

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