Applies to
EPox EP-7KXA, EP-7KXA+ Motherboards

Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista




Driver Date & Version
11/13/2001 (ver. 1b.13)


This new bios for EPox EP-7KXA and EP-7KXA+ motherboards fixes:

  1. Windows ME Hibernate issue
  2. Fixed ACPI errors in the event viewer of Windows XP.

Actually there are two bios files for EPox EP-7KXA+, since we always want the latest bios for our motherboards, we choose the one with the latest date.

The bios file k7001b13.exe is a self-extracting file and contain the directions for flashing in a readme.txt file. So please read the readme.txt file carefully before start flashing.

README.TXT File for BIOS Flash Updating

  1. Bios filename: k7001b13.bin
  2. Bios date: 11/13/2001
  3. Bios size: 256 KB (For 2Mb BIOS EEPROM)
  4. Bios checksum: FCDD
  5. Model support: EP-7KXA, EP-7KXA+, EP-7KXA/P

EPox EP-7KXA+ Bios Flashing Instructions

  1. Create a bootable floppy disk. This bootable floppy needs to be able to boot to a DOS console capable of executing normal MS-DOS batch and executable files. Normally I will create a MS DOS 6.22 boot disk.
  2. Download k7001b13.exe and run it. It will prompt you to extract to a:
  3. Restart your PC and boot using your DOS floppy disk. Type UPDATE at the DOS command prompt.
  4. The BIOS will automatically flash. Reboot the machine when done.
  5. After this, press DEL to enter the BIOS setup and select to [LOAD OPTIMIZED DEFAULTS]. After doing this select to [SAVE & EXIT.]
  6. During the use of UPDATE a backup of your original BIOS date/code will be saved in the same directory as the UPDATE file. It will be called OLD.BIN and can be used with the restore instructions below in case you need to revert back to the original BIOS date/code.

One word of caution: If your system is working without problems or conflicts, then it is not recommended that you flash your BIOS. A slight problem during flashing may render your system unworkable and you may need to replace your flash chips or whole motherboard if anything goes wrong.

Download EPox EP-7KXA+ Bios here.

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