Applies to
Canon EOS 10D Digital SLR camera


Canon Inc.


7.82 MB

Driver Date & Version
2003 (ver: English version.)


Looking for Quick Start Guide for your EOS 10D? Well, there is no dedicated PDF file for the Quick Start Guide but you can find a Quick Start Guide chapter inside the Instruction manual of Canon EOS 10D. It is located at page 12 to page 14.

The quick start guide is a 11-step graphical instructions guide. You will learn the following basic steps to allow you to start using your Canon EOS 10D in seconds!

  1. Recharge the battery.
  2. Loading the battery.
  3. Mount the lens.
  4. Set the focus mode. Switch to .
  5. Open the CF card slot cover.
  6. Insert a CF card.
  7. Turn the ON/OFF switch to ON.
  8. Set the Mode Dial to
  9. Focus on the subject.
  10. Shoot!
  11. review the image on the LCD monitor.

Off course the quick start guide just contain the basic steps and you will have to refer to some more detailed instructions on the later part of the instruction manual.

Download EOS 10D Quick Start Guide here.

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