Applies to
eMachines T5212 Desktop

Windows XP

Gateway, Inc.


2.7 MB

Driver Date & Version
10/17/2009 (


You must have be wondering why Gateway or eMachines does not provide the driver for eMachines T5212 SM Bus Controller? The answer is very simple. eMachines T5212 SM Bus Controller driver is actually included in the Chipset driver package available from Gateway website. Below is simple installation guideline:

  1. Download
  2. Extract this Winzip file to C:\Cabs folder and create a sub-folder using the name of the driver part number. For our case is D00644-001-001
  3. From the Start menu, click Run. In the Run dialog box, type: C:\Cabs\D00644-001-001\Setup.exe. Click OK.
  4. Follow all onscreen instructions to complete the installation.
This version of driver is applicable for the following part or model numbers:
  1. 4006117R - Motherboard RC410 10/100 LAN - INTEL
  2. 1205215 - eMachines H5212
  3. 1200404 - eMachines T3516
  4. 1200458 - eMachines T3522
  5. 1200475 - eMachines T3524
  6. 1200415 - eMachines T5048 Foxconn
  7. 1200415 - eMachines T5048 Mitac
  8. 1200460 - eMachines T5052
  9. 1200409 - eMachines T5212
  10. 1200472 - eMachines T5216
  11. 1205232R - eMachines W3506
  12. 1205236R - eMachines W3507
  13. 1205235R - eMachines W6409
Please note that after you have install this version of chipset driver for your eMachines T5212, the SM Bus Controller still not able to detect the driver, you may try to click on Update driver button and allows Windows to automatically detect and install the driver again. This step should solve your issue.

Download eMachines T5212 SM Bus Controller Driver here.

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