Applies to
eMachines Desktop ER1402

PDF Reader

Gateway, Inc.


7.1 MB

Driver Date & Version
05/20/2010 (1.0)


This version of user manual for eMachines ER1402 desktop has total of 72 pages. There is not other version available. I guess that the manufacturer does not need to review this user manual as it is already quite comprehensive containing all the information required in a manual.

I found that this manual contains for the example the following information, which is very sufficient for a normal user to user this eMachines Desktop ER1402:

  1. how to work safely using eMachines ER1402
  2. how to power up the eMachines ER1402
  3. how to connect to network
  4. how to connect to world wide web
  5. troubleshooting guideline
  6. how to clean the computer
  7. many others.

Download eMachines ER1402 Manual here.

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