Applies to
Gateway E-155C Tablet/Convertible Notebook with Digitizer Pen Pointing Device

Windows XP, Windows Vista 32bit

Wacom Technology.


334 KB

Driver Date & Version
02/12/2007 (ver.


This is the Windows XP and Windows Vista driver for Digitizer Pen pointing device used in Gateway E-155C tablet, or Gateway called it convertible notebook. Beside Pen, you can also use Gateway EZ Pad (touchpad) and touchscreen as the pointing devices.

However the Pen driver for E-155C is quite hard to find in Gateway driver download/support page. You will not be able to see E-155C in the normal driver download page, under the Supported Product Model options. You need to select Legacy Notebooks option and then only you will see the Gateway E-155 Series Notebooks selection.

The story not ended here, under the Driver Downloads page, one would think the Pen driver should be under the [Touchpad Downloads] section, right? Nope, it is labeled as Digitizer driver and was put under [Video Downloads]!. One need to know the correct word to do a text search, or look through all the 18 drivers available for Gateway E-155C to find the pen driver.

Download E-155C Pen Drivers here.

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