Applies to
Epson Stylus C60 Ink Jet Printer

Windows XP, Windows 2000

Epson America, Inc.


4.1 MB

Driver Date & Version
01/28/2002 (5.2cAs)


Following is the guideline on how to download the software driver for Epson Stylus C60 Ink Jet Printer from Epson website.

  • 1. Select on [Printer Driver v5.2cAs] link.
    Detail information on the printer software driver will be shown.
  • 2. Click on [Download Now], and you will be bring to [Before you start downloading...] page.
    If you wish to receive newsletter from Epson, please key in your email address in the given box, else, choose [No thanks, I prefer not to receive this information.]
  • 3. Click on [Accept] button. to continue
    Downloading of the software driver file will start automatically.

    Please save the file to your local machine.

  • Following is the guideline on the installation.
  • 1. Double click on the save file to start the installation.
    Winzip self extrator will automatically extract all the required installation file and start the installation.

    Click [OK] to start.
  • 2. After self extracting, please confirm the printer model and press [OK] to continue.
  • 3. During this stage, please ensure that the printer is turn on to allow automatic printer detection.
  • 4. Installation will be completed after it able to detect the printer, and you will be prompted with [Setup is complete.] page.
    Click [OK] to finish the installation.

  • Download Drivers For Epson Stylus C60 here.

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