Applies to
Acer P191W and X191W LCD monitors

Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows XP

Acer International Electronic AG


753 KB

Driver Date & Version
06/19/2007 (ver. 1.0.0)


If you are looking for Acer 191W LCD driver, you will need to identify which model your LCD is, because there are two related 191W models on Acer driver download page: P191W and X191W.

See images below to identify whether your Acer LCD monitor is P191W or X191W

Acer P191W LCD Monitor Acer X191W LCD Monitor
Both Acer P191W and X191W supports resolution up to 1440x900 and for X191W there are two different drivers for D-SUB and DVI connectors. You can find all the necessary drivers after you download and extract the driver file. You will see two folders, namely
  1. /P191W Vista WHQL Driver
  2. /X191W Vista WHQL Driver

To install the driver for your Acer 191W, do to display properties and click update drivers. When Windows ask for the driver, select the folder with correct .INF file and click continue. Windows will install the correct driver after that.

Download Drivers for Acer LCD Monitor Model 191W here.

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