Applies to
Iiyama ProLite E2207WSV-1 / PLE2207WSV 22 in. LCD monitor

Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 98SE, Windows 95 & 98 (first edition)


Iiyama ProLite

15.90 KB

Driver Date & Version
May 12, 2008 (ver.


The driver pack file available in Iiyama website for E2207WSV is big because it contains drivers for every single model available Iiyama monitor. Extracted just the needed driver and the driver file size becomes 15.9 KB.

Inside the driver file you will find few readme files for each supported OS. They are:

  1. README2000.TXT ---- Windows 2000
  2. README95.98.TXT --- Windows 95 & 98 (first edition)
  3. README98SE.Me.TXT - Windows 98 Second Edition & Me (Millenium edition)
  4. READMEXP.TXT ---- Windows XP
  5. Please Note:

    Windows NT & Mac OS do not have the device category of MONITOR.

    Driver files are not required for monitor setup with these operating systems.

Below is the installation steps for Iiyama PLE2207WSV in Windows XP. For other OS please to its readme file.

Installation Steps for Iiyama E2207WSV Monitor Windows XP Driver

  1. Boot up Windows XP.
  2. Click the [Start] Button, point to [Settings] and then click [Control Panel]
  3. Double-click [Display]
  4. Click the [Settings] Tab.
  5. Click [Advanced...]
  6. Click the [Monitor] Tab.
  7. Click the [Properties] button.
  8. Click the [Monitor] tab.
  9. Click the [Driver] tab and slect [Update Driver]
  10. Select [Install from a specific location] and [Next]
  11. Select [Dont Search] and [Next]
  12. If you are installing from FD insert it into your disk drive.
  13. Click [Have Disk...]
  14. Click Browse and navigate to where you stored the driver and select the location that matches your model and click OK.

    In our case here the folder is [ProLite E2207WSV], which can be found inside the Iiyama ProLite file.

  15. Click [Show all hardware]
  16. Select [Manufacturer: Iiyama]
  17. Select the model name that matches your monitor then click [Next >]
  18. Follow the screen instructions to complete the installation.

Download Driver for Iiyama E2207WSV Monitor here.

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