Download Lexmark Z25 Printer Driver for Windows XP

Kindly use the download link above to download the driver file.

If the link is not working, please let me know by leaving a comment below so I can try look for a new link. Thank you.

Alternatively, if you have downloaded the driver but it is not working after installed, please leave a comment below so I can find another working driver.

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4 thoughts on “Download Lexmark Z25 Printer Driver for Windows XP

  • Blaine Lesnik

    Thanks so much. I spent almost all day trying to get the software – and you made it happen. I would like to send a donation – but I don’t like to put my credit card online – if you would send me your snailmail address I will send you my appreciation donation. Thanks soooo much. I was so darn frustrated.

  • admin

    Hi Blaine,

    Nice to see you find the driver useful. Sorry currently I only accept Paypal donation. Anyhow thanks for the compliment ;)

  • Isabel

    Hi…thanks..i finally found the printer driver but i couldn’t install the printer…I don’t know why …

  • Jane

    I recently received a new laptop to assist me at university with Windows 7 on it. I have a Lexmark Z25 printer – do you know if there are any drivers for this printer? Can’t really afford a new printer what with being a student plus I like the printer, it does the job.
    Please help a very frustrated and skint student.


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