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  • Nkem Ebere August 21, 2008 11:57 pm #

    I am searching for the download of USB driver.

  • admin August 22, 2008 12:00 am #

    You mean USB driver for Dell Latitude CPx? I do not have it now but if you can tell me more e.g. chipset used, maybe I can help you look for it. No guarantee thou… ;)

  • admin August 22, 2008 12:29 am #

    From Nkemdirim Ebere:

    My Dell laptop (Latitude D410) is having problems recognising any flashdrive/memory stick that goes into it,it’s like the USB port is faulty. So i was hoping to download the driver and reinstall it into my system but unfortunately i did not see what i was looking for. So if you could help me out in any way to get my USB port working,i’ll realy be greatful. Expecting your reply. THANKS.

    Hi, as we all know, USB driver is usually natively supported and will be installed by default by the operating system.

    In your case, I would like to suggest to have a look at your Device Manager. To see it, open Control Panel -> System -> Hardware -> Device Manager.

    Do you see any exclamation mark on your hardware, especially under Universal Serial Bus controllers? If no, then most probably is a hardware problem.

    Do let us know your finding. Thanks.

  • admin August 22, 2008 3:42 pm #

    From Nkemdirim Ebere:

    Thanks alot for your reply,it goes a long way to show how thougthful,competent and reliant you are in making life better for your customers.
    In your last mail,you mentioned checking my Device manager to see if am having an exclamation mark on my USB controllers. If yes what do i do next and if it’s a hardware problem,do i change the USB port?
    Expecting your reply. THANKS.

    Well, I will never treat the visitors to my website as my “customers” ;)

    The site is free and you do not need to pay anything. Or maybe a little paypal donation is good enough for me ;) And that is totally up to the visitors as well.

    Ok, back to your problem.

    1. When you perform the steps I stated to check the device manager, if you do encounter exclamation mark on a device, particularly anything related to USB, you can see more information by double clicking on the device name.

    Then a property window will pop out and you can read more about the problem causing the exclamation mark under General -> Device status.

    The status should explain the cause. Or you are welcome to email me the status so I can help you look into it.

    2. If not problem with the driver (no exclamation mark), I am pretty sure is a USB hardware problem. A electrical shock or drop might caused it. If that is the case, best for you to consult a repair shop. Or alternatively, use a USB hub which will provide more USB ports (provided you have at least a working USB port).

    Hope this helps.



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