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DLink DSC 350 - Pictures, Video, and WebCam

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Windows XP



1.46 MB

Driver Date & Version
02/16/2000 (ver.

Since DLink DSC 350 is a discontinued model, usually DLink will remove the driver link to it and will suggest you to try other improved models instead. Fortunately there is still trace of the driver itself in the ftp server, deep down under USB category.

I personally own one of these so called Pictures, Video, and WebCam 3 in 1 camera and I say the picture quality sucks big time. Anyhow, if you need the driver for the webcam function, it is still usable. Just dont try to take pictures with it or you will regret later.

Download DLink DSC 350 Driver here.

2 thoughts on “DLink DSC 350 Driver

  • Windesh

    I want DLink DSC 350 Driver for download

  • Ray

    Need D-Link model DSC-350 driver


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