Applies to
DLink DSB C110 Rev B

Windows 98/ME/2000/XP



277 KB

Driver Date & Version
2003-02-26 (ver.


This is the driver for DLink DSB C110 Revision B, if you know your DSB C110 is not rev B, you can try DLink DSB C110 Driver (no rev) instead. Sorry I do not know what is the difference nor how to identify them. So try on your own risk.

Obviously DLink sourced the camera as PC Camera (SN9C102) from Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd. and rebrand them as DSB C110. The driver setup program will identify itself as [D-Link CIF Webcam Installation Disk] and will try to install the WDM Custom ICustomCamera Interface handle in Windows.

Download DLink DSB C110 RevB Driver here.

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