Applies to
Diamond Stealth II S220 4mb SGRAM PCI Display Card

Windows 95, Windows NT4

Diamond Multimedia


2.66 MB

Driver Date & Version
4/6/1999 (ver.


The driver files for Diamond Stealth II S220 4MB PCI card is located in (under legacy section), instead of in the main site, No big deal, just a bit difficult to dig it out.

Two older Windows OS supports:

  1. Windows NT:

    1. Diamond Stealth II S220 Series Windows NT4.0 Display Drivers version 4.00.1381.0101h.
    2. You must have Windows NT 4.0 installed with the Standard VGA driver (640x480x16) before you install the Diamond Stealth II S220 Series NT 4.0 drivers. If you are running a different graphics mode please re-configure for Standard VGA.
    3. By default, the installed resolution is 640x480x8 at 60Hz. From this point on, you can change your resolution/color depth by using the Display Icon in the Control Panel.
  2. Windows 95:

    1. Diamond Stealth II S220 Windows 95 Display Drivers with InControl Tools 95.
    2. Require the latest version of DirectX 5 to support Direct Draw and Direct3D Applications.

You may find two directories under the zip file: \\Win95 and \\NT4. Run Install.exe to start the driver installation. For additional information on how to install or troubleshooting, please refer the readme.txt file.

Download Diamond S220 4MB PCI Video Card Driver here.

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