Applies to
All Diamond ATI VIDEO CARD (Diamond S120).

Windows Vista

Diamond Multimedia


135.34 MB

Driver Date & Version
25-Oct-07 (ver. DMM3-0)


Diamond Multimedia has listed that this driver is intended for all ATI based video cards. However, this Windows Vista build of the driver is offered without any Technical Support and offer no Guarantee/Warranty to work or not cause damage to your system or data. So use this driver with the following models listed below at your own risk!

Supported Diamond ATI Based Graphics Cards

  1. Diamond S120 128MB DDR
  2. Diamond S120 256MB DDR
  3. Diamond HD 2400 series
  4. Diamond HD 2400XT
  5. Diamond HD 2600 PRO PCIE
  6. Diamond HD 2600 PCIE
  7. Diamond HD 2900XT series
  8. Diamond HD 3800 series
  9. Diamond X1550 AGP 256MB
  10. Diamond X1550 AGP 512MB
  11. Diamond X1550 PCI-E 256MB
  12. Diamond X1550 PCI-E 512MB
  13. Diamond X1550 PRO PCI 512MB
  14. Diamond Radeon X1050
  15. Diamond Radeon X1550 Series
  16. Diamond Radeon X1550 Series
  17. Diamond V9600XT128
  18. Diamond V9600XT256 Radeon 9600-XT
  19. Diamond V9800 PRO 128MB
  20. Diamond V9800 PRO 128MB
  21. Diamond V9800 PRO 256
  22. Diamond V9800 PRO 256
  23. Diamond X1300 PCI 256MB
  24. Diamond X1300-AGP 256MB
  25. Diamond X1300-AGP 512MB
  26. Diamond X1300-PCIE 256MB
  27. Diamond X1300-PCIE 512MB
  28. Diamond X1300-XT 512 DDR2 PCI-E
  29. Diamond X1300HM-PCIE 256MB
  30. Diamond X1300HM-PCIE 512MB
  31. Diamond X1550 PRO PCI 256MB
  32. Diamond X1600 PRO 256MB AGP
  33. Diamond X1600 PRO 256MB PCI-E
  34. Diamond X1600 PRO 512MB AGP
  35. Diamond X1600 PRO 512MB PCI-E
  36. Diamond X1650-PRO 256 DDR2 AGP
  37. Diamond X1650-PRO 256 DDR2 PCI-E
  38. Diamond X1650-PRO 256 DDR3 PCI-E
  39. Diamond X1650-PRO 512 DDR2 AGP
  40. Diamond X1650-PRO 512 DDR2 PCI-E
  41. Diamond X1650PE 256 VSB DDR PCI-E
  42. Diamond X1900 XT 512MB PCI-E
  43. Diamond X1900 XTX 512MB PCI-E
  44. Diamond X1900GT256MB
  45. Diamond X1950 AGP 256 X1950-PRO
  46. Diamond X1950-CF 512 DDR4 PCI-E
  47. Diamond X1950-XTX 512 DDR4 PCI-E
  48. Diamond X1950PROPE256 X1950-PRO
  49. Diamond X1950PROPE512 X1950-PRO
  50. Diamond X1950XTPE256 X1950-XT
  51. Diamond X300SE 128
  52. Diamond X300SEHM-PCIE 128MB
  53. Diamond X300SEHM-PCIE 256MB
  54. Diamond X550-PCIE 256MB
  55. Diamond X550-PCIE OC 256MB
  56. Diamond X550GTC256
  57. Diamond X550LE256MB
  58. Diamond X550LP128MB
  59. Diamond X600PRO 256MB
  60. Diamond X700-AGP 256MB
  61. Diamond X700OC 128MB
  62. Diamond X700OC 256MB
  63. Diamond X800 GTO 256MB PCI-E
  64. Diamond X800XL-AGP 256MB

Download Diamond S120 Windows Vista Driver here.

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