Applies to
HP Deskjet 845c Printer

Windows ME, Windows 98



17.5 MB

Driver Date & Version


HP has announced on its website:

As of July 2007, HP will no longer be able to offer driver downloads or replacement driver CD ordering for Windows 98, 98 Second Edition (SE), or Windows Millennium (Me) for your HP printer, all-in-one, camera, or scanner. Microsoft has stopped providing and supporting certain files related specifically to Windows 98 SE, and this change affects all technology companies. HP, along with other technology companies, is no longer able to use selected components in support of Windows 98SE, which has an impact on our software strategy for Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, and Windows Me. HP will continue to provide other selected HP software and applications that do not depend on Windows 98 SE components for the foreseeable future.

Although the drivers for Windows 98, 98 Second Edition, and Windows Me will no longer be supported by HP, your HP product will still work with these operating systems with the software provided to you on the CD that shipped with the product. Also, if you have previously received a software CD that lists any of these operating systems on the CD label, or downloaded a driver for one of these operating systems, please maintain these files. These files will no longer be available in the HP online support Web site or in any other HP support options (such as e-mail, chat or phone support) after the date mentioned above.

So how are you going to get the Windows ME driver for your HP Deskjet 845C printer? Fortunately although HP does not longer support Windows ME driver, you can still be able to find the said driver on the Internet. Please be noted that the driver available is stored in other server and not direct downloaded from HP thus I strongly suggest you to do a virus scan right after you have download the driver.

The HP Deskjet 845C printer driver is NOT stored in my server thus I do not know if the content has been changed by whoever that uploaded it to the Internet. Or any trojan horses or viruses are infecting the driver files. So please be careful while downloading from the Internet.

Download Deskjet 845c Driver for Windows ME here.

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