Applies to
Delta 1010, Delta 1010LT, Delta 44, Delta 66, Delta Audiophile 2496, Delta Audiophile 192

Windows 2000, Windows XP 32, Windows XP64 (BETA)



922.05 KB

Driver Date & Version
April 12, 2005 (ver.


A lot of M-AUDIO users, especially those using Delta Audiophile 2496, are complaining on M-AUDIO forums and other audiophile related forums regarding the Windows XP64 driver supports for products such as Delta 1010, Delta 1010LT, Delta 44, Delta 66, Delta Audiophile 2496 and Delta Audiophile 192. A lot of not-so-kind words were released from some dissatisfied customers or users of M-AUDIO.

Actually there is such driver supports for Windows XP64. Here is what I found out on M-AUDIO website. However please be aware this driver for Windows XP64 is a BETA version which mean there are possible compatibility, stability or bugs issues with the driver. Usually supports for BETA driver is not exist or if there is it will be limited. So please keep this in mind. The installation steps are included below (in red). Anyway...

64 Bit Beta Release Driver tested on Intel and Athlon 64 Bit systems. There is no installer with this pre-release driver. Unzip files to a folder of your preference on your hard drive. Use [Add New Hardware Wizard] to install driver files and point Wizard to that folder. Look for Delta.inf

Note Added April 9, 2008. Newer Beta Drivers are available for xp64 which are currently available only as part of a private beta program. These drivers are not yet available for general download. We invite long time users of this Ver 51 or previous versions of the xp64 driver to become a member of the XP 64-Bit Beta driver group.

M-AUDIO even have this [M-Audio Software QA Beta program] where you can become a part of the M-Audio Software QA Beta program to participate in the XP 64-Bit driver beta. Here is the link. So now you can actually help speed up the testing and release of Windows XP64 drivers!

Download Delta 2496 Windows XP x64 Driver here.

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