Applies to
All Dell Latitude XT2/XTW2 Tablets, Precision Mobile WorkStation and Precision WorkStation.

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7



16.0 MB

Driver Date & Version
4/19/2010 (ver. 1.4.00001, A15)


Many Dell Latitude tablet users are having problem using the screen rotate button/function. Some do not know which software/driver/utility to install in order to have this function.

Below is the image of Dell Latitude screen rotate button:

Your Tablet-PC has three tablet buttons located beside the power button. In order for these buttons to function properly, Dell Control Point System Manager must be installed. Dell ControlPoint is a proprietary tool that combines system configuration, connection, and security management functions into a single interface. Features include:
  1. Tablet Manager—Allows you to configure tablet settings, including pen and input, display, audio, power management, shortcuts, and buttons.
  2. Display and Devices Manager—Enables you to control your display settings including ambient light, keyboard hot key, storage, and webcam settings.
  3. Power Manager—Enables you to control system power settings including power management, alarms, sleep mode, and battery options.
You can configure your Dell XTW2 tablet screen to auto rotate when in portrait mode. To do so, you need to
  1. install Control Point System Manager,
  2. go to Tablet Manager -> Display Setting menu
  3. Turn on the automatic rotation feature. When this feature is enabled, the display orientation is set to portrait mode when the display is rotated to the tablet mode.
Another way to rotate the screen is to use the hardware button: Screen Rotate button—Press to rotate the screen in a 90° clock-wise direction. You can rotate the screen a full 360° by repeatedly pressing the button.

Download Dell XTW2 Tablet Drivers for Screen Rotate here.

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