Applies to
Dell Vostro Notebook A860

Windows 7 x32

Dell Inc.


5 MB

Driver Date & Version
04/05/2010 (, A03)


Kindly note that I do not own a Vostro A860 notebook. However, base on my experience, base system device driver for Vostro A860 is actually referring to Ricoh Card Reader R5C847 driver. Hence, included here for download is the Ricoh R5U24x / R5U23x series memory card drivers. Try install the given driver on you own risk and see whether your base system device error is being solved. If you have further issue, you may post it here, and I will try my best to help to you resolved it base on my technical knowledge and experience.

Ricoh driver falls under the chipset category of drivers. Dell does not release the Windows 7 driver for this Vostro A860. Note that, the driver provided here is release by Dell under other notebook which is also using the same model of memory card drive. Since your searching for the driver for this Vostro A860 notebook have been specifically for the base system device, hence I conclude that you do not have another other issue on Windows 7. So, I provided my knowledge on the issue, and hope this can help you.

Download Dell Vostro A860 Base System Device Driver Windows 7 here.

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