Applies to
Dell Vostro 3300, 3400, 3500, 3700 Small Business Notebooks.




773 KB

Driver Date & Version
Jan 2010 (ver. OCG5YYA01)


This is the Setup and Features Information manual for 2010 Vostro 3000 series notebook (Vostro 3300, 3400, 3500 and 3700).

Inside the manual you will find the following information:

  1. Setup and Features Information
  2. Quick Setup guide
  3. Specifications
  4. Front and back views of Vostro 3300, 3400/3500 (both share the same views) and 3700

This is the only manual available now, I believe more manuals (user manual, detailed setup/troubleshooting guide) are coming.

Download Dell Vostro 3300, 3400, 3500, 3700 Setup Manual here.

One thought on “Dell Vostro 3300, 3400, 3500, 3700 Setup Manual

  • Veverka Roman March 20, 2011 6:25 am #

    Dobrý den, potřeboval bych pomoct – jak spustit otisk prstu na Vostro 3300 Dell. Vubec mi to tu nic nenabízí-ovladač jsem zkontroloval a je vše OK. Prostě nevím jak to spustit. Děkuji R.V.


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