Applies to
Dell Aironet TrueMobile 1100 Series TM1100PC11Mbps Wireless LAN Adapter

Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0



2.11 MB

Driver Date & Version
10/16/2001 (ver. 003a, A01)


Here is a good write up on Dell TrueMobile 1100 Series 11Mbps Wireless LAN Adapter.

This update contains three new utilities:

  1. TrueMobile Diagnostics
    TrueMobile Diagnostics includes wireless site survey, link test, status and statistics monitoring.
  2. TrueMobile SignalMeter
  3. TrueMobile WEPKey Utility
    TrueMobile WEPKey Utility allows the user to select encryption WEP key, WEP key size, and WEP key type.
This driver for TrueMobile 1100 is applicable for the following systems:
  1. Dell Latitude CPt C
  2. Dell Latitude CPi A
  3. Dell Latitude CPt S
  4. Dell Latitude LS
  5. Dell Latitude CS R

Download Dell Truemobile 1100 Driver here.

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