Applies to
Dell MultiMedia 104-Key USB Black with Silver Trim Keyboard For Desktop Notebook Systems Extra USB Connectors Hot Keys Volume Control Part/Model Numbers: DJ425, TH836, N6250, Y-UK-DEL1, SK-8135

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP



24 MB

Driver Date & Version
11/17/2010 (ver. 6.20.64)


Dell TH836 multimedia 104-key USB keyboard is an OEM version of Logitech keyboard. Many tried to look for TH836 keyboard driver from Dell website but could not find it.

The Dell Multimedia DJ425 TH836 is an older keyboard that used to ship with many Dell desktop systems. This particular keyboard model is designated as a multimedia device as it comes with audio and playback controls built directly into the keyboard. This allows you to adjust and alter the video playback of any media file being played on the computer system.

Since this is actually a Logitech product, we can try Logitech own SetPoint driver/software for its keyboards and mouse products. Many have complaint their Dell TH836 is not working properly in Windows Vista because of driver issues. You should try to use this version 6.20.64 as it is said to be working in Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

This current SetPoint driver software includes the control panels for standard mice and keyboards (previously supported in SetPoint 4.x) and gaming mice (previously supported in SetPoint 5.x). This reduces duplication of system components, resulting in a smaller overall installation size.

Download Dell TH836 Keyboard Driver here.

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