Applies to
AVerTV NanoExpress PC TV Tuner Cards

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32bit/64bit)

Dell/AVerMedia Technologies Inc.


5.80 MB

Driver Date & Version
7/1/2008 (ver.


First of all this driver for Dell NanoExpress PC TV card is the latest available from Dell, with version number, instead of the older

AverTV NanoExpress is a TV tuner product OEM from AverMedia and sold by Dell. As such, NanoExpress has been tested and validated on Dell systems. It is supported by Dell Technical Support when used with a Dell system. So naturally we shall use the driver available on Dell website.

AverMedia has stated explicitly a warning on its NanoExpress driver download page about this Dell specific version:

Users who purchased their NanoExpress from DELL, please do not download this software, instead please visit the following link to download the software specific to your device from DELL.. Even the INF file name on the driver shows customization for Dell specific models: AVerBDA6x_Dell.inf and AVerBDA6x_x64_Dell.inf

Dell NanoExpress Driver Models Supported

  1. NXP SAA7160, Hybrid Capture Device
  2. NXP SAA7161, Hybrid Capture Device
  3. NXP SAA7162, Hybrid Capture Device
  4. NXP SAA7163 Hybrid Capture Device
  5. AVerMedia M789 PCIe Pure DVBT
  6. AVerMedia M789 PCIe Dual DVBT
  7. AVerMedia M788 PCIe Hybrid Analog/ATSC
  8. AVerMedia A317 Mini-Card Hybrid Analog/ATSC
  9. AVerMedia A701 PCIe Hybrid Analog/DVBT, Combo DVBS
  10. AVerMedia HC82 Express-Card Hybrid Analog/ATSC
  11. AVerMedia HC82 Express-Card Hybrid Analog/DVBT
  12. AVerMedia A316 Mini-Card Hybrid Analog/DVBT
  13. AVerMedia H788 PCIe Hybrid Analog/DVBT
  14. AVerMedia H788 PCIe DVBT
  15. AVerMedia H788 PCIe Hybrid Analog/ATSC
  16. AVerMedia H788 PCIe ATSC
  17. AVerMedia H788 PCIe Analog
  18. AVerMedia M799 PCIe Hybrid SBTD-T
  19. AVerMedia A317D Mini-Card ATSC
  20. AVerMedia A327 Mini-Card Hybrid Analog/ATSC
  21. AVerMedia A326 Mini-Card Hybrid Analog/DVBT
  22. AVerMedia A188 PCIe Duo Hybrid Analog/DVBT
  23. AVerMedia A188C PCIe Duo Hybrid Analog/ATSC
  24. AVerMedia A188 PCIe Analog
  25. AVerMedia A188 PCIe Pure DVBT
  26. AVerMedia A188C PCIe Pure ATSC
  27. AVerMedia A177 PCIe Dual Hybrid Analog/DVBT
  28. AVerMedia A707 PCIe Dual Hybrid Analog/DVBT/DVBS
  29. AVerMedia A188O PCIe Duo Hybrid Analog/DVBT
  30. AVerMedia HC83 Express-Card Hybrid Analog/ATSC
  31. AVerMedia HC83 Express-Card Hybrid Analog/DVBT

Download Dell NanoExpress Drivers here.

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