Applies to
Latitude 120L

Windows Vista

Dell Inc.


21 MB

Driver Date & Version
3/26/2007 (Latitude 120L )


Below is the installation guide for Dell Latitude 120L PCI Driver:

  1. Download the driver from this website.
  2. Double click the R151521.EXE.
  3. The Self-Extracting window will appear and prompts you to extract or unzip to C:\DELL\DRIVERS\R151521. Write down this path so the executable.
  4. The Self-Extractor window appears, click OK to continue.
  5. After completing the file extraction, if the Self-Extractor window is still open, close it.
  6. Open Windows Explorer, go to C:\DELL\DRIVERS\R151521 folder and look for setup.exe.
  7. Installation will start now. Please follow the on-screen installation instructions to complete the driver installation for Dell Latitude 120L PCI.

This software driver is also suitable for the following Dell systems:

  1. Inspiron 6000
  2. XPS/Inspiron XPS Gen 2
  3. Inspiron 700m
  4. Inspiron 710m
  5. Inspiron B120
  6. Inspiron 1300/B130
  7. Latitude D531
  8. Latitude D410
  9. Latitude D420
  10. Latitude D430
  11. Latitude D610
  12. Latitude 120L
  13. Latitude 131L
  14. Latitude ATG D620
  15. Latitude ATG D630
  16. Latitude D510
  17. Latitude D520
  18. Latitude D620
  19. Latitude D630
  20. Latitude D810
  21. Latitude D820
  22. Latitude D830
  23. Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M65
  24. Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M70
  25. Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M90
  26. Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M6300
  27. Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M20
  28. Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M4300
  29. XPS M1330
  30. XPS/Inspiron M140/630m
  31. XPS/Inspiron M170

Download Dell Latitude 120L PCI Driver here.

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