Applies to
Dell Latitude E6510 Notebook

Windows 7 x32, Windows 7 x64, Windows Vista x32, Windows Vista x64, Windows XP, Windows XP x64

Dell Inc.


11 MB

Driver Date & Version
06/02/2011 (7.1207.101.220, A08)


Please note that this version of Dell E6510 Touchpad Driver file, DELL_MULTI-TOUCH-TOUCHPAD_A08_R298889.exe is a hard-drive installation format. The files contains zipped files, and after you have downloaeded the DELL_MULTI-TOUCH-TOUCHPAD_A08_R298889.exe, you just have to double click on the file to automatically begin the extraction. After the extraction, you may start the installation by double clicking on the setup.exe found in the folder of the extracted files. Kindly note that installation of hard drive format driver, is not easy to be undo. Hence, for this version of touchpad driver, Dell at the same time also provides a package updater for Windows. This updater file acts as a application when you perform any update on your drivers, where by it will always ensure validation criteria are met before the actual update are being performed. This reduces error and problem during the driver update process. If you wish to download this updater program for your Dell E6510 touchpad driver, please click here.

Kindly note that this version of also supports touchpad on the following Dell systems:

  1. Latitude E4310
  2. Latitude E5410
  3. Latitude E5510
  4. Latitude E6410
  5. Latitude E6410 ATG
  6. Latitude Z600
  7. Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M4500
According to the Dell release notes, this version of touchpad driver solves the following:
  1. Behavior of Dell tray icon is updated to reflect the state of touchpad.
  2. A new behavior is added that the device state is always enabled when log on.
  3. PointStick scroll behavior is updated in this version.
  4. Merging of Windows 32 bit and 64 bits drivers into one.

Download Dell E6510 Touchpad Driver here.

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