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Dell 720 Printer

Windows Vista




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n/a (n/a)


If you are looking for Dell 720 printer driver for Windows Vista, the answer is it is not out yet.

My guess is the Vista driver for Dell 720 is just around the corner. The proof? See this:

For Dell 720 printer, the table list the driver support as a tick under "Supported by Windows Vista" and provide a link "Click here to download Vista drivers". However, the link is just a link to ""

Dig deeper for the Vista driver, I found the result as below. No sight of Windows Vista drivers for Dell 720 printer yet.

Dell 720 Printer Driver for Windows Vista.

So I guess either you want to wait for the Windows Vista drivers, or try to install Windows XP drivers in Windows Vista. According to Dell, only limited functionality will be working in Windows Vista, if it is working at all.

Alternatively, see our guide on Installing Window XP driver in Windows Vista Using Compatibility Mode.

Step-by-step guide by Dell (for Dell 540 specifically, try on your Dell 720 at your own risk)

Try using Windows XP drivers on the Photo Printer 540 connected to the system running Microsoft? Windows Vista?.

To use Windows XP drivers, perform the following steps:

  1. Connect your Photo Printer 540 to your system running Vista using a USB cable.
  2. Browse to the Drivers & Downloads page on
  3. Select your product with one of the following options:
  4. * Service Tag: 1. Enter your printer's Service Tag. 2. Click the right arrow ( ). * Product Model: 1. Select Printer from the drop down menu. The adjoining drop menu is now populated with printer models. 2. Select the 540. 3. Click the right arrow ( ).

  5. Under Operating System, choose Windows XP.
  6. Under language, choose the appropriate language.
  7. NOTE: English is automatically selected by default.

  8. Click Find Downloads.
  9. The Printer Drivers page appears.
  10. Click Printer Drivers.
  11. A list of printer drivers appears.
  12. Click the driver file listed.
  13. Click Download Now.
  14. The File Download dialogue box opens.
  15. Click Save.
  16. Download the file to a directory on your hard drive.
  17. The file downloaded is a self-extracting executable.
  18. Double-click the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.
  19. After the drivers have been installed, you may delete the file downloaded in step 9.

NOTE: Usually the driver installation will become “Not Responding” or may not complete successfully. Please proceed to reboot your system. After reboot your XP driver should be installed in Vista.

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