Applies to
Curitel Phones with USB support

Windows 98/ME/2000

Curitel/MCCI/Moore Computer Consultants


285 KB

Driver Date & Version
07/19/2005 (Ver.


Curitel website is in Korean language, no English version provided. Using Google translation service, we are able to find the download page for Curitel USB driver. However, abit of guessing work needed because once again, Google translation does not work because the Korean words are in image format (doh!)

From files inside the USB driver files, we found few related device drivers:

cur_bus.inf: Curitel USB Composite Device drivers

cur_sdm2.inf: Curitel Packet Service Diagnostic Serial Port Drivers (WDM) on Win2000

cur_mdm2.inf: Curitel Packet Service Drivers (WDM) on Win2000

So clearly there is no Windows XP or Windows Vista driver support yet for Curitel USB devices.

Download Curitel USB Driver here.

2 thoughts on “Curitel USB Driver

  • na February 3, 2009 10:35 pm #

    download driver

  • minh July 26, 2009 10:50 am #

    I have a Handphone of Curitel . SW version:PTS100Ms model:PTS100. I’ve found a long time but can’t find out correctly its driver.
    Please, help me find it. Thank a lot.


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