Applies to
Creative Sound Blaster 16X ISA CT4180 Sound Cards

Windows 95, Windows 98

Creative Labs


4.41 MB

Driver Date & Version
09/01/1999 (ver. 4.36.13)


This is the basic Gateway OEM Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 95 driver for the Sound Blaster 16x sound card.

If you try to find the information about CT4180 on Creative website, you will only find these two closest matches (link):

  1. Sound Blaster 16 Value PnP, CT4182
  2. Sound Blaster 16 Value PnP, CT4181

According to PC AV Tech Home, they have a summary on Creative Lab CT4180 sound card. Seems that CT4180 is a ISA sound card with driver version ver. 4.36.13 which only work on Windows 95 and Windows 98.


I managed to find the driver on Gateway website which should be working with Sound Blaster 16x, with driver version 4.36.13.

Sound Blaster CT4180 Driver Installation Guide

  1. Download Unzip to a temporary folder e.g. c:/temp/
  2. Go to /creative-sb-ct4180/DISK1/. Run SETUP.EXE
  3. Creative Software Installation Setup will start. Click NEXT.
  4. A dialog box shows the default installation location of C:/Program Files/Creative/CTSND. Click Next.
  5. When prompted for the type of install, select Full, and then click Next.
  6. When prompted to select a Program Folder, to accept the default folder, click Next.
  7. The next dialog box shows what was edited in the SYSTEM.INI file during the installation. Click Next.
  8. When prompted to restart the computer, click Finish.
I do no have a CT4180 sound card, so I could not verify whether the driver is working. Anyone have tried the driver please update us on the result. Thank you.

Download Creative Soundblaster CT4180 Driver here.

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