Applies to
Creative Fatal1ty 1010 Mouse

Windows XP

Creative Technology Ltd.


6.83 MB

Driver Date & Version
04/02/2007 (1.00.10)


This software driver contains Creative Fatal1ty™ 1010 Mouse drivers - version 1.00.10 and Creative Fatal1ty 1010 Mouse software - version 1.00.11.

To install this software driver, downlad FT1Y_PC_L7_1_0_11SW_10DRV.exe file into your computer. Close all application, and then double click on FT1Y_PC_L7_1_0_11SW_10DRV.exe file. The installation files will be extracted automactically and then the installation wizard will start. After acknowledging Software License Agreement, follow the installation guide to complete the installation of Creative Fatality 1010 mouse software driver.

The fixes in this version of software driver is ensures proper software functionality when the monitor\\\\\\\'s display setting is set to 120 dpi.

Download Creative Fatal1ty 1010 Mouse Drivers here.

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