Applies to
Comtrend Wireless Cards

Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98

Comtrend Corporation.


243 kb

Driver Date & Version
06/10/2004 (ver.


There is only one driver file available for Comtrend Corporation under the wireless card category. The compressed driver file, driver.rar ;) contains three folders, namely XP, 9xMe and 2K, indicating the operation systems it supported.

Lets have a look inside the INF files under XP folder. Under the folder we can see a Rt2500.INF file. Some information on this Comtrend Wireless PC card driver file:

  1. The installation script supports Windows 98,Me,2000 & XP for the Ralink RT2500 series Wireless LAN Card.
  2. Chipset used is Ralink Technology Corp's RT2500 chipset.
  3. Other manufacturers that uses the same chipset are:
    1. Ralink(Ralink Technology Inc.) Ralink RT2500 Wireless LAN Card
      ASUS(ASUSTeK Computer Inc.) ASUS 802.11b/g Wireless LAN Card
      Delta(Delta Networks Inc.) 802.11 g Wireless LAN PC Card
      ZINWELL(ZINWELL Technology Inc.) ZPlus-G361 802.11g WLAN PCI Adapter

      ZPlus-G360 802.11g WLAN mini-PCI Adapter

      ZPlus-G160 802.11g WLAN CardBus Adapter

      AT&T Plug&Share 54 Mbps Wireless PCI Adapter

      AT&T Plug&Share 54 Mbps Wireless Cardbus Adapter

      AMIT(AMIT Technology Inc.) AMIT 802.11 g Wireless LAN PC Card

      AMIT MINI 802.11 g Wireless LAN PC Card

      AMIT PCI 802.11 g Wireless LAN PC Card"

      CASTLENET(CastleNet Technology Inc.) CastleNet WP1280 802.11 g Wireless LAN Card
      ACCTON(Accton Technology Corporation) 802.11g 54Mbps Wireless PC Card SE
      Edimax(Edimax Technology Co. Ltd.) Edimax EW-7108 Series 802.11g Wireless LAN PC Card

      Edimax EW-7128 Series 802.11g Wireless LAN PCI Card

      Hawking(Hawking Technologies Inc.) Hawking HWC54GR Hi-Speed Wireless-G CardBus Card

      Hawking HWP54GR Hi-Speed Wireless-G PCI Card

      Surecom(Surecom Technology Inc.) 802.11 g Wireless LAN PC CardBus
      CNet(CNet Technology Inc.) 802.11g Wireless LAN CardBus
      Gigabyte(Gigabyte Technology Corp.) Gigabyte WIKG mini PCI WLAN Card

      Gigabyte WMKG Cardbus WLAN Card

      Gigabyte WPKG PCI WLAN Card

      Billionton(Billionton Systems Inc.) Billionton 802.11 b/g Wireless LAN Card
    2. QCOM They did not want to use their own manufacture name
    3. Winstron, they did not intend to use their company name
    4. Amigo, they did not intend to use their company name
    5. MSI White box, they did not intend to use their company name

Since there is no setup.exe to install the driver, you will have to install by using Device Manager:

  1. Download and unzip the driver file driver.rar into a temporary folder e.g. C:\temp\comtrend\
  2. Go to Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager.
  3. Find Comtrend Wireless Device. If the driver is not already installed, you will see it under "Other Devices"
  4. Right click and select "Update Driver Software" and follow on screen instructions.
  5. When asked to manual select the driver file, browse to C:\temp\comtrend\driver\ and select the OS folder you are using, then select the INF file.

Download Comtrend Wireless PC Card Driver here.

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