Applies to
Compex RL2000 PCI Ethernet Adapter

Windows 95, 98, NT



714 KB

Driver Date & Version
8/3/1998 (ver. 1.20)


Driver for Compex RL2000 PCI Ethernet Adapter is not available in Compex website ( The listed drivers available are:

  1. FL1000T-PCI
  2. FL6400TX-PCI
  3. LinkPort TX16A
  4. RE100ATX/WOL
  5. RL1000T
  6. UE202-B

Luckily some owners have uploaded the driver for RL2000 and with some searches on Google, I have found the driver successfully.

Windows 98 Driver Installation

  1. Power OFF the PC and install RL2000-PCI card in a free PCI slot.
  2. When Windows 98 starts, Windows automatically call the [Add Hardware Wizard] will automatically detect and found the new PCI card and display the message [PCI Etenret Card]
  3. Insert RL2000 PCI driver disk in floppy disk drive A and click NEXT button.
  4. Windows then provide the followin options to look for the RL2000 PCI driver.

    Search for the best driver for your device (Recommanded)

    Check on Search for best driver and click NEXT,

  5. Windows provide options to let you mark on one or more of the following

    Specifiy a location

  6. Windows will display the following

    [Compex RL2000 PCI Ethernet Adapter]

  7. Click NEXT, to start copy the driver.
  8. Windows will prompt for the location again for the file RL2000.SYS

    Enter unzipped direcotry and click NEXT.

  9. Windows will contiune to copy all related files from Windows 98 CDROM. When completed it will prompt to restart the machine.

    At this point you may want to add and/or change to other network protocols, Windows clients, and other services. Then click [NO] and Windows will start up to the Active desktop.

    Click on the Network applet in Control Panel to add/or make the changes. Refer to Windows manual for more details.

    Click YES if you do not intend to add additional services, clients and protocols.

    By default, Windows 98 install only the following:

    1. Client for Microsoft Network
    2. Compex RL2000 PCI Ethernet Adapter
    3. TCPIP
  10. If your machine will share it resources, add Files and Printing share services. Please fefer to Windows help for details on adding these.

    When completed, Windows will again prompt to restart the machine. Click YES.

    When Windows restarted, Compex RL200O PCI adpater is ready to access the network.

Download Compex RL2000 Driver for Windows 98 here.

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  • Nik November 5, 2010 12:53 am #

    This is only one site i found for now that realy have drivers instead of spyware driver scanner.
    good :D


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