Applies to
Compaq Presario 5000 Series Notebook PC

Windows XP

HP/Compaq Presario



Driver Date & Version
2-17-2006 (1.00 C)


This updated video driver for Compaq Presario 5000 series notebook PC enables ATI Radeon XPress 2000 series video in Windows XP. Various functionality sych as display properties and resolution are also added in the new user interface.

If you are using either Windows XP Home, Windows XP Media Center Edition or Windows XP Professional, you should take advantage of this video driver update for your Compaq Presarion 5000 Series notebook by downloading and run it on your notebook now.

Download Compaq Presario 5000 Video Driver here.

2 thoughts on “Compaq Presario 5000 Video Driver

  • Paul Pinto September 30, 2010 1:57 am #

    Does anyone have a Windows Vista video driver for the Compaq 5000? It’s still a decent computer for email, homework and web browsing. I hate to throw it away, but with 640 x 480 VGA max because no Vista driver is available, it’s not useful.

  • Moises October 26, 2010 5:42 am #



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