Applies to
HP C3180A Designjet 200 Printer

Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP/XP 64bit



1.31 MB

Driver Date & Version
11/21/2003 (ver. 4.65)


This is the latest driver I managed to find on HP driver download site for Designjet 200 printer. This driver is mentioned as "HP Designjet Driver (HPGL2/RTL) for Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, and Windows XP"

Installing CNet HP Design Jet 2000 Printer

  1. Download and save the driver setup file pl532en.exe
  2. Double click and run it.
  3. Follow on screen instructions to continue the setup.

This driver supported:

  1. HP Designjet 200
  2. HP Designjet 220
  3. HP Designjet 230
  4. HP Designjet 250c
  5. HP Designjet 330
  6. HP Designjet 350c
  7. HP Designjet 430
  8. HP Designjet 450c
  9. HP Designjet 455ca
  10. HP Designjet 488ca
  11. HP Designjet 600
  12. HP Designjet 650c
  13. HP Designjet 700
  14. HP Designjet 750c
  15. HP Designjet 750c Plus
  16. HP Designjet 755cm
  17. HP Designjet 1050c
  18. HP Designjet 1050c Plus*
  19. HP Designjet 1055cm
  20. HP Designjet 1055cm Plus*
  21. HP Designjet 2000cp
  22. HP Designjet 2500cp
  23. HP Designjet 3000cp
  24. HP Designjet 3500cp
  25. HP Designjet Colorpro CAD
For *Plus models, please select the non plus model when installing.

General Problems and Solutions for CNet HP Design Jet 200 Printer:

  1. Problems with text, such as justification, space between characters, etc.:
    1. Select your printer in the Printers window.
    2. Open the Properties window and select the General tab (Windows NT) or the Advanced tab (Windows 2000/XP).
    3. Click the Print Processor button.
    4. Set the default datatype to RAW. Under Windows NT, check the"Always spool raw datatype" check box.
    5. This will also resolve some problems you may have when printing graphics.
  2. Problem printing text using Best mode.

    If necessary, use Normal mode to avoid them.

  3. Terminal Server
    1. The driver is compatible with Microsoft's Terminal Server software.
    2. To run the driver under Windows NT 4.0 over Terminal Services, you need to install Service Pack 4 or higher.
  4. AutoCAD Release 14 / 2000

    If you experience problems when printing raster data, follow the four steps given above under General Notes ("Always spool raw datatype").

  5. Clipping when Printing to File (Windows NT 4.0)
    1. If you experience clipped plots when printing to file, install Windows NT 4.0 Service Pack 5 or later.
    2. Alternatively, you may also work around these problems by setting up a Local Port as a file. To do so, open Printer Properties and create a new Local Port with a valid file path as Port Name, such as "C:\output.prn".
  6. Large-File Problems

    If you experience some problems when printing huge drawings or long plots, please ensure that your system drive has at least 800 Mb of free space.

    You may also find it helpful to disable print spooling, as follows.

    1. Under Windows NT:

      Start -> Settings -> Printers -> Properties -> Scheduling -> "Print directly to printer"

    2. Under Windows 2000:

      Start -> Settings -> Printers -> Properties -> Advanced -> "Print directly to printer"

    3. Under Windows XP:

      Start -> Control Panel -> Printer and faxes -> Properties -> Advanced -> "Print directly to printer"

  7. Timeout for Complex Print Jobs

    Complex print jobs may experience timeout problems. Under such circumstances, only a portion of the drawing will be properly printed, and the device will request more media.

    To solve the problem, increase the IN JOB TIMEOUT setting available through the printer's front panel IO MENU.

Download CNet HP Design Jet 200 Driver here.

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