Applies to
Clever Cam 360 webcams (Clever Cam 360 USB Dual-Mode Camera Driver Disk)

Windows 98/98SE/ME/2000



2.47 MB

Driver Date & Version
04/08/2000 (ver. 1.0)


Well I know this is an old model (dated back to year 2002-2003) but since a lot of people is looking for the driver, why not?

First of all I would like to let you know that is not accessible, thus you cannot download the latest driver from there. Then how do I get the driver? Well, I got it from cache from Wayback Machine. More on that later.

Even with the original driver, some users still faced problem with Clevercam in PhotoImpressions software because of lack of a correct VWF (video for windows file) driver. To get this driver, you need to download another piece of software in to your system and do some file copy and paste. Luckily I have found the whole steps and all the files required. Read the steps below.

Clevercam Requirement

  1. The original driver setup file from
  2. The correct VWF driver (Get it from

Clevercam Installation Process

  1. Uninstall you original driver and restart your PC.
  2. Download and unzip to a temporary folder.
  3. Reinstall the driver by running setup.exe
  4. Download DIVX player from and install to your system.
  5. Find DIVX.DLL and copy to PhotoImpressions folder.

Install Clevercam 360 on Windows XP

  1. Connect the USB cable from CleverCam to your system.
  2. Windows XP will pop out a message saying [New Hardware Found]. Let XP find new drifvers and install automatically. Since the driver is not WDM, a warning message will prompt out, just click YES.
  3. Once Windows XP is done with its own driver installation, go to Clevercam driver setup folder and run SETUP.exe. Install driver as normal and once the driver installation done, restart your PC.

Download Clever Cam 360 Driver here.

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