Applies to
Citizen 6100 Barcode Printer

Windows 2000, 2003, XP and Vista



9.00 MB

Driver Date & Version
01/21/2008 (ver.


For Citizen 6100 Barcode Printer, I cannot find this model in Citizen website, but according to the driver download website, all Citizen barcode printers are using the same printer driver, thus you may try this new driver with your Citizen 6100 barcode printer.

The drivers include the DriverWizard utility which can install, remove, and upgrade drivers. Using DriverWizard to install drivers is strongly recommended because the standard Add Printer Wizard does not always upgrade existing drivers properly.

Compatible Citizen Barcode Printers

  1. Citizen CL-S700
  2. Citizen CL-S700J
  3. Citizen CL-S700Z
  4. Citizen CL-S703
  5. Citizen CL-S703Z
  6. Citizen CLP-520
  7. Citizen CLP-521
  8. Citizen CLP-521C
  9. Citizen CLP-521Z
  10. Citizen CLP-620
  11. Citizen CLP-621
  12. Citizen CLP-621C
  13. Citizen CLP-621Z
  14. Citizen CLP-630
  15. Citizen CLP-631
  16. Citizen CLP-631Z
  17. Citizen CLP-1000
  18. Citizen CLP-1001
  19. Citizen CLP-2000
  20. Citizen CLP-2001
  21. Citizen CLP-4081
  22. Citizen CLP-4121
  23. Citizen CLP-6000
  24. Citizen CLP-6001
  25. Citizen CLP-6002
  26. Citizen CLP-6400
  27. Citizen CLP-6401
  28. Citizen CLP-7000
  29. Citizen CLP-7001
  30. Citizen CLP-7002
  31. Citizen CLP-7200
  32. Citizen CLP-7201
  33. Citizen CLP-7202
  34. Citizen CLP-7400
  35. Citizen CLP-7401
  36. Citizen CLP-8300
  37. Citizen CLP-8301
  38. Citizen CLP-9001
  39. Citizen CLP-9301

Installation Instructions

  1. Turn off the printer, connect the appropriate cable, and then turn on the printer.
  2. If the printer supports Plug-and-Play, and you have connected it using a USB or Parallel cable, then the Windows Add Hardware Wizard will automatically detect the printer and display a dialog that allows you to install a driver.

    Click Cancel and do not install the driver using this wizard.

  3. Run the DriverWizard utility from the Installation Directory where the driver files are located.
  4. Select Install Printer Drivers and complete the wizard.
  5. The driver should now be installed.

Download Citizen 6100 Barcode Printer Driver for XP here.

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