Applies to
CanoScan LiDE 80 Color Image Scanner

Windows Vista32, XP, 2000



6.05 MB

Driver Date & Version
10/04/2007 (ver.


CanoScan LiDE 80 is a popular and affordable film and negative scanner by Canon. The latest driver update was back in year 2007 and the changes are:

  1. The Usbscan.sys file has been deleted
  2. The change such as version change and date deletion have been incorporated in readme file.

From the history of driver changes, seems that not much and not important for the scanner functionality.

The driver for LiDE 80 is called ScanGear CS. ScanGear CS is a 32-bit TWAIN-compliant scanner driver for Canon CanoScan LiDE 80 scanner. When this driver is selected from within a TWAIN-compliant application program (most likely the imaging software you are using e.g. Photoshop, MS Paint or ACDC), this scanner can be used to scan image data.

One of the problems is with Windows 2000 or XP, the TWAIN data source may not open correctly from time to time when the system file is in the NTFS format. I am not sure whether this is the driver problem or Windows problem.

With Windows 2000 or XP, the system administrator is required to install or uninstall ScanGear CS. So you must login as admin to install this driver.

If you are using CanonScan LiDE 80 in Microsoft Office 2000 application, such as Words 2000, Excel 2000 or Powerpoint 2000, you may face the problem of first image can not be passed when the Multi Photo Scan function is used.

The scanner may be unable to operate if a large portion of the system resources, such as the memory, is being used by another user. In this case, close any programs that are open in the other user environment before scanning.

Hopefully Canon will address to these problems with a new driver release.

Download Canon LiDE 80 Driver here.

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