Applies to
Canon GL2 Digital Camcorder

Windows XP



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Driver Date & Version
08/17/2001 (ver. 5.1.2600.0)


This is the DVC Storage Driver on Windows XP for Canon GL2 camcorder.

How to Install the DVC Storage Driver on Windows XP

The following describes how to install the DVC Storage Driver on Windows XP from the download site.
  1. Connect the Compact Power Adapter to the camcorder.
  2. Attach the USB cable supplied with your camcorder to the USB port on your computer and the USB terminal on your camcorder.
  3. Precautions when connecting the USB cable to the USB port
    1. Make sure you use the Compact Power Adapter to connect the camcorder to a power source.
    2. Connect the camcorder directly to the computer using a USB cable.

      The interface may not function correctly if the camcorder is connected via a USB hub.

    3. Do not use other USB devices (excludes a USB mouse or keyboard) at the same time. The connection may not operate correctly.
    4. Never allow the computer to go into Standby (Sleep) mode while a camcorder is connected via the USB interface. If this does happen, leave the camcorder connected to the computer and try to awaken the computer.
  4. Slide the POWER switch to PLAY (VCR) and the TAPE/CARD switch to CARD.

    Once the camcorder is connected to the computer, never turn the camcorder off before DVC Storage Driver installation is complete.

  5. In the [Found New Hardware Wizard] dialog box, select [Install from a list or specific location (Advanced).], and then click [Next].
  6. Select [Search for the best driver in these locations.], then select [Include this location in the search:], and then click [Browse]. If a checkmark is displayed in the [Search removable media (floppy,CD-ROM...)] checkbox, click the checkbox to remove the checkmark.
  7. In the [Browse For Folder] dialog box, select [WINXP] according to the procedures below.
    1. In the [Browse For Folder] dialog box, find and double-click the extracted folder.

      (e.g. Click the [C:] drive, Desktop, and then the extracted folder in succession.)

      The letter for the drive (e.g. C: varies depending on the computer you are using.)

    2. Click the [WINXP] folder.
    3. Click [OK].
  8. If [C:/WINDOWS/Desktop/the extracted folder name/WINXP] displays at the [Include the location in search] section in the [Found New Hardware Wizard] dialog box, click [Next]. The driver installation starts automatically.
  9. Click [Finish] in the [Completing the Found New Hardware Wizard] dialog box.
  10. Once the installation is complete, the camcorder will be registered as a [Removable Disk]. Follow the procedures below to check if [Removable Disk] is shown in the Explorer window.
    1. Select [My Computer] from the [Start] menu.
    2. Click [View] on the tool bar in the [My Computer] window.
    3. Select [Explorer bar] and [Folders] from the [View] menu to display the Explorer window.
    4. Check if [Removable Disk] is shown in the Explorer window.
  11. If [Removable Disk] is shown in the Explorer window, the DVC Storage Driver has been installed successfully.

    However, if [Removable Disk] is not shown, restart your computer.

  12. This completes the DVC Storage Driver installation.

Download Canon GL2 Driver here.

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