Applies to
Canon DM-50 Directional Stereo Microphone

PDF Reader

Canon U.S.A., Inc


3.4 MB

Driver Date & Version
2002 (N/A)


Canon DM-50 is a Directional Stereo Microphone that is design for camcorders equipped with an sophisticated shoe. This microphone can be switched between functioning as a directional mic or a stereo microphone. FYI, the downloaded manual file, ins_dm-50.pdf is directly from Canon USA website. This compact 2 page manual for DM-50 are in 7 languages, and English language manual are in the middle of the page 1. The manual includes information for as below:

  1. How to attached the microphone to your camcorder.
  2. Before and after care for your microphone
  3. Precautions measurement when using the microphone .
  4. The microphone specification.
This is quite a compact information that can be found in a 2 pages manual, right?

Download Canon DM-50 Manual here.

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