Applies to
Canon BJC5000/5100 Printer

Windows XP, SP1/SP2

The Printer Angel (Not Canon -see description for details)


379.00 KB

Driver Date & Version
4 Feb 2004 (Ver 1.5)


Looking for BJC5000/5100 Windows XP driver? Look what Canon said on their website: "No Driver Available" under Windows XP section.

Yes, Canon is not providing any driver update for Windows XP user. The drivers available so far are just for Windows NT4, 95/98/98SE and 2000.

Luckily, a third party driver, The Printer Angel has been developed by BJC-5000 owners for all the people who wish to install Windows XP, but are face the problem of lack of compatibility with Windows 2000 drivers.

You can download the Windows XP driver from the download link above. The driver can be executed for 30 times, after that, the author will ask you to donate $5 to sustain the driver. You need to install Windows 2000 driver before installing Windows XP driver.

The installation steps for the driver:

  1. Install Windows 2000 drivers -> Download Canon BJC5000/5100 driver for Windows 2000.
  2. Download the program, unzip and execute it (as administrator)
  3. Turn on the printer
  4. Reboot the PC and log on as administrator to complete the installation

If you can't find the driver, why not try look for a new printer? A new printer will provide better ink usage, save electricity, better functionality as well as latest driver support for Windows Vista.

There is a petition too, to urge Canon to provide support of Driver for BJC5000/5100 in Windows XP. At time of writing, 12105 signatures have been collected. You can view the petition here.

Here is the link to author of BJCangel. I strongly urge you to donate to the author in order to sustain this wonderful driver for Canon BJC 5000/5100 for Windows XP.

Download Canon BJC5000 5100 Printer Driver for Windows XP here.

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