Applies to
HP CD-Writer Plus 9300i (Model Number C4492A) HP CD-Writer Plus 9340i (Model Number C4492B)

Microsoft Windows 95, Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, Microsoft Windows ME



998.45 KB

Driver Date & Version
09-2000 (ver. 1.0C)


Upon looking for the C4492A driver for Windows 95, I found out that C4492A is actually the model number for HP CD-Writer Plus 9300i. Read here for more info.

See the list below for model numbers and the HP products.

  1. Model #C4492A is HP CD-Writer Plus 9300i
  2. Model# C4492B is HP CD-Writer Plus 9340i

This page is about C4492A (9300i) driver update. Please see followig section for C4492B (9340i) drivers.

The driver provided in HP CD-Writer Plus 9300i driver page is actually a firmware update that need to be flashed into the CD writer itself.


  1. Hewlett Packard and TDK have identified a compatibility problem between the HP 9300i / 9310i drives and TDK CDR media.
  2. Recording at 10X on TDK media can result in unreadable CDs.
  3. The firmware installer program is not Windows 2000 compatible and may not run correctly in Windows 95/98 on computer systems that have VIA or ALI IDE controllers.

For C4492B HP CD-Writer Plus 9340i, no firmware is provided as of time of writing . A HP Simple Backup Software update is provided that upgrade the HP Simple Backupand Disaster Recovery to HP Simple Backup version 4.2.

Download C4492A Windows 95 Driver here.

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