Applies to
BusLogin BT-542B SCSI Adapter for PC/AT Systems


BusLogic Inc.


429 KB

Driver Date & Version
07/13/92 (ver. 3002023-F)


Is the the manual for BusLogic 542B that you are looking for? I dont know why you need this because the manual is quite old (back to 1992) and I dont think anyone is using a PC/AT anymore. Well, what do I know..

The 21-pages long manual is a Installation manual and the quality of the text and images are not sharp but viewable.

The are two sections. Section 1 is the introduction section where you can see the advantages, product overview, specifications as well as hardware and software requirements.

In the second section, you can see the unpacking and installation guides. The information including unpacking, installation tools, configuration instruction as well as the most important part: BusLogic BT-542B Switch and jumper settings where you can configure the following settings:

  1. SCSI Parity
  2. Disk Drive Capacity
  3. Adapter Initiate Synchronous Negotiation
  4. Host DMA Channel
  5. Host I/O Port Address
  6. Host BIOS (16K Bytes) Address
  7. Host Interrupt Request
  8. DMA Transfer Speed
  9. Floppy Subsystem
  10. Host I/O Channel Ready Enabled
  11. Not Used or Reserved Jumpers
This BusLogic BT-542B manual should provide you enough information in setting up and configuring the SCSI adapter.

Download BusLogic 542B Manual here.

2 thoughts on “BusLogic 542B Manual

  • donna December 23, 2008 6:55 am #

    all I want is the instruction book for my jvc digital mini camcorder model GR-D770

  • admin December 23, 2008 11:57 am #

    Hi donna, please refer here for the GR-D770 manual.


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